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"Dear Me, I love you too."

I was leaving my training sessions this morning and I stopped to catch up on messages…

Everyday I have the privilege to meet and train truly incredible women and men who are starting out or picking back up on their health adventures.

Today, I was stopped in my tracks by a remarkable young woman’s comment that hit my core. (Normally not a bad thing but these were heart strings being worked not abs 😉).

Titled with her “before” picture was “This is what Im running from”.

I read it. I read it again. And I could feel a gut wrenching pang inside. I did that too. I lived in fear of having all my progress be for nothing. I hid away and prayed, hoped, and made deals with myself and God that if I could “just get skinny and stay that way”…. I ran hard and fast.

Friends, we DO NOT have to do that. As I wrote my response back it resonated deeply. I wondered how deep seeded this fear truly was if I could still feel it so profoundly and immediately. Then I wondered how many other women tailspin with this mindset?

When you train with me we work on more than your body and your nutrition for this exact reason! We can bust out burpees until that lean protein cow comes home and plates himself next to our skinny-spinach and no-carb tortiallas…. BUT….

🚨IF WE DON’T CHANGE OUR MINDS OUR LIVES WON’T CHANGE…. (this includes the body).🚨


Dear Me,

It’s time to stop running. Embrace that woman… heal her wounds, let go of her fears, forgive her…. when you can do that you will step IN TO the woman you are today more effectively, presently, and passionately….

Inside each of us is that little girl kickin in the dirt, climbing the slides, with scuffed knees and a tiara perched sideways…. let THAT little girl know its ok to dream again… to live ALIVE not in survival-mode.

I see her when we talk… when you push through a move… when you giggle nervously… I see the passionate and fierce woman you are…. she’s there in the mirror for you to see too….❤❤❤ Embrace her, draw your line in the sand and love who you are today and you wont ever have to run from anything or anyone again…including yourself.

Join my tribe of FitMinded friends and live your life on your terms! We EAT, MOVE, & BELIEVE in happy more fulfilling lives everyday!


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Tina is the owner of Power House Studios, an author, speaker, certified personal trainer and a masters level community mental health counselor with over 20 years of experience in the mental health field.


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