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"But Did You Die?"

“Standing in My Power: Embracing Life’s Journey with Grace”

Life is a journey filled with twists, turns, and unexpected detours. It’s a path that leads us through joy and pain, challenges and triumphs. For me, this journey took a significant turn when I was faced with cancer. It’s a journey that will never be truly over, but it’s also one that has taught me invaluable lessons about embracing life and standing in my power.

In my role as a coach, I’ve spent years helping others navigate their own paths, offering guidance and support as they strive for personal growth and transformation. I’ve spoken at workshops, written books, and shared countless conversations with friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers on the streets. But now, it’s time for me to apply all those coaching techniques to my own life, to truly understand what it means to stand in my power.

I’ve often spoken about the choices we have in life. We can choose to hold onto everything we encounter, whether it’s joyous moments or painful experiences. Alternatively, we can choose to let go, to release the weight of past burdens and future worries. Life’s journey teaches us how to believe and how to perceive, but the ultimate choice lies within us: Do we design our lives to create joy or pain?

Recently, I walked out of a doctor’s appointment with a profound realization: I will never be completely free of cancer. There will be no cure for it in my lifetime. My counselor, in a moment of levity, asked if I had named the cancer. The first name that came to mind was “Grace.” It struck me as both ironic and fitting. Grace is what I’ll need to face this ongoing challenge with strength and resilience.

The concept of naming and personalizing challenges reminded me of a project I often give to my clients. I ask them to take a gallon water jug, name it, decorate it, and fill it with things that hold significance to them—pictures, colors, words, affirmations. It becomes a tangible representation of their true selves. As we work together, we have lighthearted conversations about their “water baby.” They forget it in the car, it springs a leak, or it becomes too heavy to carry. Some even add goldfish and food coloring, turning it into a whimsical metaphor.

The purpose of this exercise is self-reflection. It helps clients see themselves more clearly as they journey through life, literally carrying an example of their true self. It’s a reminder that each of us reflects resiliency, the ability to adapt, grow, and find beauty in even the most challenging circumstances.

So, my cancer is named Grace, and I’ve decided to stand in my power with her. I’ll face the sun, absorbing all the light and joy that life offers. With every breath I have left, I will use it for joy, for love, for making the most of this incredible journey.


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Tina Fraley

Tina is the owner of Power House Studios, an author, speaker, certified personal trainer and a masters level community mental health counselor with over 20 years of experience in the mental health field.


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